John Green (crypticpress) wrote,
John Green


Demon Gourd... From Hell! from Hatchback Studios, Inc. on Vimeo.

What I've been working on the past month or so has finally been revealed! It's another event for PlayStation Home, but this time a lot more of my creative made it into the final product. I co-designed the narrative, did the concept art for the pumpkin game and costume rewards, and did t...he storyboards and carved jack-o-lanterns (4 identical ones) for the promotional video--which was filmed at my parents' house!

Here's the link to the official Sony announcement:

The video was originally going to include actual screen capture of the game, but they opted for the cool animated sequence. I've seen screenshots, and I'd love to post them along with my concept art so everyone can see how it went from start to finish, but that will probably have to wait until sometime after the event.

If you have a PS3, check it out in Home starting today and going until Halloween.

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