Time is the fire in which we burn...

I am very bad at updating here and on my website. When I'm busy, I have no time to update, when I'm not busy I have nothing too update.

Anyway, I do have a little announcement, and that's another game I'm doing digital background painting for. There's a teaser site, with a link to the game's prequel (which I didn't work on), but not of the backgrounds are online yet:

I've also been making some progress on Nearly Departed here and there. Not much to report, really, just that I'm still working on it.

And coolest news of all is appearing on this year's MoCCA Art Fest poster, along with the rest of the Comics Bakery crew:


TV Show I did work for airing now...

Battles BC, a show I did storyboards for last summer, is finally airing on the History Channel right now. I only know this because I was flipping around and came across it.

I recognized a few shots I boarded in the last 3 minutes of the Hannibal episode, so that's cool!

EDIT: Updated with a shot of my name in the credits! Woo!

Though you can barely read it with that sun bloom...

New episodes air Monday at 9, I worked on about 4 of the episodes.

I've got another game out...

I'm using the term "game" loosely here, but an iPhone game I did character art for came out this week. It's the creatively titled humor application "Jewish Mother". Now you too can have a Jewish mother in your pocket who will dole out nags and anecdotes and yiddish catchphrases! Provided you have an iPhone, anyway. The game was developed by Gotham Wave Games and written by comedian Steve Hofstetter, who's made the rounds on most of the late night talk shows.

More info and reviews can be found at these links, and you can buy it for a buck from the iTunes store.


Adobe Illustrator CS2 acting funky...

Since my computer's death and new life and multiple app installations, Illustrator has been acting weird. Specifically, crashing when copying & pasting things. Not from Illustrator to another app, within itself. And not just from one document to another, but even within the same document.

It's not crashing every time I copy & paste something, but it does it consistently for individual things I try to copy and paste. I'm doing some lettering work and I have a specific style of balloons for this project, so I've got a file with a hundred or so balloons. They're all just a simple shape with a tail, nothing complex. I can copy and paste some balloons, but then others, when I try to paste them, crash the program. And the same balloon will crash it every time. There's nothing special about them. Trying to drag them to another file crashes as well. It's like Illustrator has decided arbitrarily that it doesn't like certain balloons. All I can do right now is try to remember which ones crash it and which don't, but it's a very bizarre problem. I'd do a reinstall of the software, but I don't have the discs with me in Oregon.

If this was happening anytime I wanted to copy and paste then it would make sense to me. That'd be a bigger problem, but what it's doing now just baffles.

Anyone encounter anything like this?

The Woes Continue...

So Saturday I got my laptop back. Just in time after a trip to Boston for New Year's. A nice little bonus was that the new HD they installed had 20 more gigs than my old one, which certainly makes up for the little bit of data I lost.

So the rest of the weekend was spent clean-installing OSX (since they installed Garage Band and about 15 gigs of other apps I never use), then installing all my apps, prefs, e-mail, and so on and so forth.

But last night I make a discovery. I've been using my old eMac as basically extra storage space. So it's got about 30 gigs of stuff that I copied to it when my laptop first started acting funny. Most of that is projects that just need archiving, so I only copied back to the laptop the stuff I need right away. With the eMac mounted as an external HD I figured I could just start backing stuff up to DVD.

So I start up Toast, pop in a DVD, and start burning the first 4 gigs of data. About 10 minutes in it spits out a coaster with an Illegal Format error. Now, when I first got my laptop it had problems with some DVDs (-R or +R, can't remember), but the firmware had been updated since then it it could burn to anything. And these were the same DVDs I've used before. I figured maybe my firewire cable was iffy, so I copied the data to my laptop first and then tried to burn. Same deal. So I opened a new pack of a different brand of DVD and tried burning from the Finder instead of Toast. This time it didn't ruin the disc, it just wouldn't burn to it. I booted up the eMac and figured I'd check the disc. The eMac can burn to them fine, but this still leaves me the problem of making backups of future data right off my laptop. So I try to burn a CD on the laptop. Toast had no problem with that. Next thing I try is downloading some other third-party burning software. One reacting like the Finder: it just spit out the disc saying it was an illegal format. Another, a German program called Brennen, WORKED. It took forever (first it copies the data to the disc, then it burns the disc, for a total of almost 2 hours for 4.2 gigs). The disc works, the data is there, so my drive works but my software is having a problem with it. But why? Everything is up to date...

Since my laptop just came back from Apple, I was able to request they call me in the morning (which they did, on the dot.) Unfortunately, after about 45 mins of trying different things, the only solution they have: format the drive and reinstall everything, then try burnding a DVD before doing anything else.

Oy vey. Of course, there's no guarantee that will work. The only thing I am guaranteed is that I'll lose another day and half to reinstalling everything.

Dead again...

Well, it lasted a mere two weeks, but my computer is dead again. Since it had been just completely reformatted and was working fine I was hoping it would last me till March, but looks like no such luck.

Hopefully I can get the Apple Store people to recover the two weeks of work I've done off of it.
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